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Wood Shaving

Quality product

Leis Wood Shavings neutralizes ammonia, absorbs moisture, is non-toxic, reduces bedding costs, is more environmentally sound as essentially, by using wood shavings, you are utilizing a resource that is readily available and a bi-product of another form of production.  We stand by our product and we guarantee satisfaction.  We are here to educate you on the value of our product.

Leis Wood Shavings

Only the best for your animals

Once you feel the difference, you will want to keep using this product.  Minimal dust, careful packaging, timely delivery, great customer support and education, we go out of our way to ensure that your experience with our team and products, will stand out from the rest.

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Photo Credit:  Rose McLean Twiner

Leis Wood Shavings reached out to their community of followers on Facebook to invite everyone to offer their photos to be included in this website.  Wanting to show off local talent, involve the Leis Woods Shavings community and highlight the beautiful surroundings we are so fortunate to live in, Rose McLean Twiner offered the above.  We thank you for your contribution.

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