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506080 Ferguson Road, Cobalt, ON P0J 1C0


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Photo Credit:  Doris Cloutier

Leis Wood Shavings reached out to their community of followers on Facebook to invite everyone to offer their photos to be included in this website.  Wanting to show off local talent, involve the Leis Woods Shavings community and highlight the beautiful surroundings we are so fortunate to live in.  Doris Cloutier offered the above and we thank her for her contribution.  She and her husband own and operate a successful farm in Earlton, Ontario and a hop, skip and a jump away, their son and daughter-in-law, Simon Cloutier and Karina Pickell, own and operate Rocky Ridge Bison ranch.  They offer their products to be sold at Leis Landscaping Yard & Country Store as well as at The Thornloe Cheese Factory.

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